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Post a Picture of your Pets


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Dogs really can be great friend. And I miss one I had as a kid, my lovely neighbor poisoned him.

That's so sad and really cruel. :( Sadly there are people out there who hate animals and will stoop to this level. They need reporting! :angry:

It's lovely seeing photos of everyone's pets. :)

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These are the only photosI have at the moment and they are a few years old. But these are my Dachshunds. They are my love muffins. :D Their names are Greta and Mitzi.

Getting kisses.


getting more love.




They're so cute! I love the third photo especially. Just look at those eyes! :D

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In Memoriam



Adopted, a fuzzy little kitten, named Peppermint Patty,

Oh, the joy we all had as you became part of the family.

Almost 16 years gone since the little girl brought you home,

The years passed by and you both have grown.

We gave you food and love, that was our duty,

But you gave us so much more, happiness and comfort, even when

you were snooty.

You were a furry giant in the dollhouse door,

Til one day you did not fit, banned evermore.

The girls they teased you with tape down your back,

The man claimed to hate you, as with all cats.

But it was clear and evident right from the start,

That your kitty ways would become ingrained in our hearts.

You dipped your orange paw in the water bowl to check the level before you would drink,

You waited for me to finish showering to catch drips from the bathroom sink.

You peered over my shoulder while I put on my makeup,

Your incessant preening and licking we could not interrupt.

You rolled to and fro on the floor looking so cute,

A nose meet followed by a forehead nuzzle, a friendship I cannot refute.

You waited patiently as I finished my evening meal,

And my last bite was your signal to meow with a zeal.

I look for you little eyes to peer over the sofa arm,

Waiting for my tap to signal the alarm,

Its okay to to jump into my lap and make yourself comfortable,

But sometimes you would not wait, my little lap warmer.

You jumped on the bed to bid me a good night,

Before you settled in the corner chair with your cushy bed just right.

Sometimes in the night you sneak back up and snuggle and purr by my side,

I knew and let you be, but the man, he could not abide.

You hated the noisy hairdryer, the rustling of plastic bags, the mans guitar, but we teased you any way,

A scowl you would give us as you scurried away.

You bobbing inquisitive face in the french door window pane out back,

Beconing us to let you in for your afternoon snack.

You did not deserve your final end and fate was cruel to you that horrible day,

Terror on eight legs invaded you world and took you away.

I am so truly sorry no one was there to save you, protect you and keep you from harm,

I wish so very much to hold you and comfort you in my arms.

I miss you so much and a day does not go by that I do not think of you and cry,

A pat on your head, a tug on your ear, your happy gurgly sound, your funny face nearby,

The house seems less of a home and so very empty,

With out the presence of our Pepper kitty,

You are not there to lap up the tuna water in your black bowl,

To soak up the sun beaming on the dining room floor.

Wait for us Sweet Pepper as you frolic in eternal grassy fields chasing feathers in the wind,

Be comforted in the knowledge your family will join you in their final end,

Time is of no value there so it will be a swish of you tail with the orange tip,

But an eternity for us as we mourn, but we will never forget.

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Awww...I'm so sorry for your loss. My cat is 13 or 14, and if something like that happened to him I would be devastated.


Thank you Hotplant. This has had me pretty tore up. Preseving my thoughts and memories up there is my self therapy to come to an acceptance, although I feel a somewhat unsettled acceptance given the circumstances in which we lost her.

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I feel for you on the loss of your precious Sweet Pepper.

Your words were a beautiful tribute to her.

Remember that it was not the food, shelter, activites, and such that sustained her.

It was your love. Pepper still feels that love where she is now. I'm certain of it.

You and Pepper are in my thoughts. :console:


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Here is our cat Johnny.

He thinks he is a dog, he acts like a dog and everyone falls in love with him...even those who normally don't like cats. He is just a sweet, cool little guy.cool.gif

What a hansome fellow he is. Is that freckles on his nose?

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What a hansome fellow he is. Is that freckles on his nose?

Thank you. Those are freckles. He has a few on one of his pawpads. He can be a stinker though. If he is bored and decides I have slept enough(after just a few hours), he will sit on me and smack me in the face with his paw.blink.gif He should be thankful he is cute otherwise he might end up out on his behind.

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The Puss:




The Puss:


Thats a beautiful Siamese you have. The first cat my wife and I owned together was a Siamese. One of the sweetest cats I ever had to this day. I rescued her outside a construction site where I was working at the time. Her name was (My Yew), like My You...pretty obscure but that what she was.....Had to put her to sleep a few years ago. She had kindney failure. We had her cremated and have a little urn with her ashes in it. Animals really are good for the soul.

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