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Post a Picture of your Pets

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I'm a dog person, but there's something alluring about black cats. This stray was so friendly -- it was the wizardly, hypnotic green eyes. I couldn't help but pet it despite his mangy coat and my allergies. Also saw two Irish Wolf hounds on the same trip, but they were with their people so it would've been weird to take their photo. Anyway, Dd your puppy is so cute I want to pretend-eat it. And love the other pet photos, too. Nice to see so many animal people here.

The cat is like my Kisa Vasilisa Mikulishna.

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^ Now that I think about it, Grandpa not only hung upside down and could turn into a bat - but he also had a pet bat named "Igor". (just in case a second bat appears at your place)

Great idea, jimmie ray, I will be on the lookout!!

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Hi, jimmy ray! For me, there is nothing more relaxing than being on the water, and I have been fortunate to have always lived in places that were close to water. I have often wiped away all amounts of stress by getting on the water...and cranking up some Zep!! Having said that, I would strongly urge anyone who has access to water to save up your pennies for any type of boat, it is so worth it! This boat is a small skiff that we use to tool around the rivers. It was not expensive and we have had it for around 15 years and use it often. Another popular option is a kayak which can also be affordable. You may be able to rent one as well.

Btw, no signs of grandpa lately! ;)

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^ Thanks for your thoughts! My Gretl gets out for swims just about every other day - so she's not really deprived. My sister is an avid kayaker, I tried it once with her, and used up a lot of energy with my zig-zag style of paddling. Is a 90 pound dog, who is dying to jump in, a good idea on a kayak?

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10 hours ago, LedZeppfan1977 said:


For some reason the pic isn't visible..............give it another shot.

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