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Your favorite Page look?


What is your favorite Jimmy look?  

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  1. 1. Which is your favorite?

    • Black Dragonsuit
    • White Dragonsuit
    • Geek Shique
    • Other (Pre or post Zeppelin)

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Yeah, I had this impression too. His legs don't fit... in real they are definiteley more beautifull.


Er... actually that would be my favourite look, 'cuse me... :blush:

indeed, indeed

I said the same thing a whiLe ago, in facebook :DB)

my fav jimmy Look is.. yardie days and anything from 69..:) shiny pink pants, Long hair.. but I picked the bLack dragon one, Love it so much.. weLL, hard choice

I Love his heroin-Look too. He's incredibLy sexy in that era. (makes me watch seattLe'77 over and over again..)

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I love all his looks really.

A while ago i picked the black dragon suit, now i have changed my mind and am now going for the white dragon suit, there are so many damn hot pics of him in it,especiallly with the ciggy in his mouth.



He looks beautiful in white -period.

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IN a non sexually way, I thought jimmy looked way to skinny even during the 1973 tour and so on. I just wonder just because of the tour, he drops all that weight due to the stress of a tour. all the pics i ve seen of him, outside of a tour, he looks healthy.

How weird. I've noticed that too! :huh:

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I definatly like that black dragon suit that he wore, where the jacket had the tassels on the corner. My favorite though is what he wore during some of the 77 tour but i'm not sure why he wore the Nazi hat? Does anyone know if there's a reason behind it?

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