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MEMORIES: Yardbirds (Page) Vancouver Aug 1 1967


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The show I saw in '67 was at The Garden Auditorium on the P. N. E. (Pacific National Exhibition) grounds, also referred to as The Gardens, it is right next to The Agrodome (correct spelling), another rock venue in the 60's and 70's.

The Yardbirds were very professional looking, except Jimmy Page, who wore a Mexican vest which hung down to his knees (his guitar was slung almost mid-thigh). They ran through a similar set to the Anderson Theatre.

Highlights: "My Baby" which I'd never heard before and thought was an original, and "Little Games". The amazing rhythm guitar part was more audible in the mix than the recorded version and it blew me away!

Page looked like he was stoned. He was constantly staggering back and forth across the stage and I thought he might fall down but he didn't. His hair was almost completely covering his eyes, which appeared to be closed when I caught a glimpse. I eventually realized that this whole "hippie" routine was probably "an act" because his playing was flawless throughout.

Let me put it this way, I didn't even mind Jeff Beck not being there. By the way, Beck happens to be my absolute favourite guitar player - ever.


Mike Griffiths

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