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MEMORIES: Jason Bonham Vancouver Dec 23 1989

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Vancouver, British Columbia December 23rd 1989

Opening act: Bonham

This was the first time I got to see The Cult live. This concert, although not sold out, was very popular. The Pacific Coliseum seats around 18,000 for concerts. There were about 16000 at The Cult tonight.

Jason Bonham was the opening band. They really got the general admission floor crowd worked up with many Led Zeppelin cover songs and their own songs. Just before Bonham left the stage, three mysterious fellows dressed in Santa suits came dancing on the stage. Underneath one of the fellows white wigs, you could see black hair, and under another wig, you could see blonde. It's good to see the boys know how to have fun when they're not playing.

When The Cult finally took the stage to play, we were ready to rock. They opened with New York City. The band seemed in prime form, and it was a great show. Apart from the bruises and sore feet, I was fully satisfied, and then to realize that this would be the last time I would see Jamie Stewart perform with the band made it that much more important.

Jon Taylor

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