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A friend of mine sent this to me...he's a huge joker and when I first saw it it caught me off guard but I had a good laugh over it. He said he'll send me more. :D


GAAAHHHH! He looks like Rod Stewart!

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Seeing Liam Gallagher's new do, reminded me only of 1 person. Yep, you guessed it:


I hope this isn't the start of a new hair fad for males. :huh:

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^^ That Liam is something else :lol:

Robert doing his best bitter beer face impression.


This one reminds me of a photo of my uncle holding me when I was like a month old. Cracks me up :)


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I like the first one of Martha's (post 58 on page 3). Jimmy kinda reminds me of someones Grandpa in that pic...."now if someone that looks like this offers you candy...run away real fast okay?"


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