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Dazed and Confused sampled


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Pigface is an industrial project with one of the largest list of members of any band I've ever seen - WIKIPEDIA - from bands including Ministry, Tool, Skinny Puppy, Pixies, Napalm Death and Rollins Band to name a fraction, and including artists such as Trent Reznor, Flea, and even John Lydon. I saw them back around '93 or so when their album Fook was released - incredible show, and Fook became one of my personal favorite "little-known" CDs. Today, almost 15 years after initially hearing it, for the first time I noticed that track 4 "Insemination" has the bow solo from Dazed and Confused from TSRTS sampled in the background. I was so surprised I had never noticed it before, although admittedly it was one of the less-interesting tracks for me - at least until now. I uploaded to file freak for anyone who wants to check it out.

Click the image.


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