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What are you watching on TV now?

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Celebrity Juice on ITV2 +1 ......................... WHY have they got rid of the gorgeous Kelly Brook just to bring back the inane Fearne Cotton ,,, Me Thinks Holly Willibough got jealous of being second sexiest after Kelly and is a mate of Fearne's and no knows she's the sexiest again





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I must be bored to have on a Bengals/Steelers pre game. I hate them both. But the Bills highlights keep getting played. We play Cincy at home later on. That should be interesting. We have pretty much destroyed them in the past, even when we were bad. Historically certain teams have had other teams numbers. The Lions were a jinx team for the Rams. The Rams always beat Atlanta. Atlanta always beat Chicago. That is why I am just slightly scared of the Browns vs Minnesota. My fist instinct was to jump on Minnesota right away. I do believe they will win. But will they cover? They had terrible luck in Chicago. They were my best bet of the week and they did cover. I thought they would win outright. I am not buying into this Pittsburgh bullshit. Their backs against the wall and all that. I think the Bengals will beat them

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The last cool thing i saw on tv was the americas cup, a couple wknds ago. On the saturday race, they were doing 38 knots, the filming of it was great and from san francisco bay, with the golden gate in background, amazin. The technology in those boats is mindbending, it was such good tv that im missing seeing it.

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