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What are you watching on TV now?


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Captain Phillips

How the hell do you go to sea, knowing these pirates are all over the place, and have no guns? Stupid or what. I could have wiped out both those skiffs with my 9mm and 12 gauge from the galley

Ha. I watched that on Sunday. Hilarious. How 4 scrawny Somalis in an old boat got onto a supertanker is beyond belief. Tom Hanks over acted as always and It was just too far fetched to be true. Though I believe it was as one is still a guest of your country

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Whatever you are watching it's about to get more expensive after this insane AT&T/Direct TV merger:


Rick, watch your wallet...and this could have an effect on Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket and other sporting packages.

Not to mention the internet. Why do we even have a FCC?


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