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What are you watching on TV now?


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Monaco GP qualifying.

Pph, you should join the racing thread F1 discussion. Who is your driver?

I like Alonso and Button (neither will win) I can't stand Hamilton. He's an arrogant shit. I think the UK papers have set him up for a mugging, they stated yesterday that the earrings he wears cost £60,000, watch £50,000 and ring £25,000. I think Rosberg will win this year.

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Whatever you are watching it's about to get more expensive after this insane AT&T/Direct TV merger:


Rick, watch your wallet...and this could have an effect on Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket and other sporting packages.

Not to mention the internet. Why do we even have a FCC?


What is up with that shit? Verizon and Direct TV are bundled and that is how my account is set up. Just went out and bought an I Phone. my wife a Galaxy.

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Well lets hope Tillman has fixed whatever was wrong?

Everyone has a bad day. We saw Kershaw pitch in Arizona last Saturday and they bombed him off the mound. It was embarrassing, but it happens.

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