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What are you watching on TV now?

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A practice cricket match - India vs. Australia - a great way to spend a Sunday! :)

Too bad the NZ warm -ups aren't being televised. I must say, Australia are looking very strong but India have been woeful which does make them look better. Can't wait until we play the Aussies on Feb 28th, gonna be one for the ages.

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The VH1 Classic SNL marathon. Tonight, it's a bunch of Steve Martin shows from the late '70's. They've picked some pretty good ones. So far, for musical acts, I've seen the Kinks, Jackson Brown, Randy Newman, and The Dirt Band. Oh, and Lorne offering the Beatles an increase from $3,000 to $3,200 to come on the show. :)

And now - The Blues Brothers!!

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I'm in heaven! Maybe I'm Amazed...bravo, bravo!


I know Sir Paul may not be in the best of voice, but that is my favorite of his songs!

I really enjoyed the show. Not perfect, but way more good than bad.

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And now... Alabama Shakes on Live from the Artists Den. I love Alabama Shakes!

I got a friend of mine who lives in Nashville to enter the ticket lottery - and she won. I wish I were more focused at the moment because there's no way I'll pick her out of the crowd at this point :)

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Watching the 40th anniversary SNL special on DVR. Got home from a concert and post-show partying about an hour ago and it's ironic that a late-night show puts its anniversary show on too early for those who go out at night.

Good grief...Chevy Chase looks like Ben Franklin. It was nice seeing Jane Curtin...but not enough Gilda Radner so far.

What was up with that lame Californians skit? Dragged onfar too long.

I have the first 5 seasons on DVD and love revisiting them. Still remember watching the very first episode the night I was babysitting a neighbor's kids.

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I very rarely watch TV in the day time so I'll say that for the last couple of weeks we have been watching ALL the episodes of Lost. We are on series 4 and have to get them in by 28th Feb as they go from Box sets on Sky. Only in the week mind, as when we're too stoned at the weekend and I would be really "lost". Gotta say Freckles is well tasty !

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