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What are you watching on TV now?


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Just watched Oprah!

No, really I did!

Check out the line up she had on today...it started with Stevie Nicks singing "Landslide". Then Sheryl Crow walks on stage and joins her. Next up was Joan Jett with some back-up by Miley Cyrus. Joan was sounding and looking hot as ever. After that Pat Bennetar with Avril Lavigne. They all sounded great and looked great. I'll even admit that I have every one of them on my iPod. Yes, Miley and Avril too.

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Yes some of you may mock, they are dealing with a subject that is relivant to young people today...

Sex and relationship Issues. Lets face it how many of us oldies had good "Education" where Sex was concerened..

So if young people take note of the message the show is putting across, that can only be for the good of Society...B)

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:o That movie scared the crap outta me when I was a kid! Currently, I'm halfway watching Mysteries of the Bible on Science Channel.

Indeed, I could never forget the scene where Karen Black (stupendous actress!:):)) tries to burn the terrifying little critter in the microwave :):):)!!!

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