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What are you watching on TV now?


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It's Breakfast @ Wimbledon, as usual.

It is 8:27am local time in Los Angeles. I'm eating waffles with strawberries and whipped cream while watching Serena Williams finish off Kirilenko.

Okay...Serena won. Now ESPN2 is showing the end of Federer vs. Nalbandian.

And.....Federer wins!

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YES!!! HE DID IT!!! :yay::cheer:

Djokovic beats Nadal to win his first Wimbledon championship and take over the #1 slot!

Now I just have to finish laundry and it's off to the record swap meet to score more bootlegs. Dazed cat posted some Robin Trower live clips from 1975, and it made me realize I don't have any Robin Trower boots.

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The Towering Inferno.

I haven't seen this movie in a hundred years. What a hoot!

The Towering Inferno was the mother of all disaster movies, certainly in the seventies cycle. It was exciting to see this in the cinema in 1975 (the UK got most films about six months later than the US), and it still stands up very well today - not something you can say of all Irwin Allen's movie productions. The non-CGI stuntwork and big-name cast is hard to beat. I’d finally got it on anamorphic widescreen DVD earlier this year, and Paul Newman's recent passing prompted me to finally watch it.

Most disaster movies can only be enjoyed with more suspension of disbelief than usual – how often do ocean liners capsize, how often do bees attack? But skyscraper fires are all too plausible – though I admit that at the time, I thought it was another over-the-top impossible Hollywood fantasy. Watching it now, it’s hard not to think of 9/11. When the World Trade Center was on fire, I was naively expecting all the rescue attempts that I’d seen in The Towering Inferno to be rolled out. I wondered why the nearby helicopter rides weren’t airlifting people off the roof. It’s beyond ironic that the filmmakers had the newly-built Twin Towers in mind when making The Towering Inferno. The film was intended as entertainment, but also acted as a vivid reminder of the dangers on the inadequacy of tall building fire regulations and building standards (how about that for conspiracy theory??!:):)).

I loved all the actors and actresses in it :)


By blackglove at 2011-07-04

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