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Stepford Wives

After television executive Joanna Eberhart (Kidman) is attacked and nearly killed by a disgruntled reality television show contestant, she and her husband Walter (Broderick) and their two children move from Manhattan to Stepford, a quiet Connecticut suburb. Eberhart becomes friends with Bobbie Markowitz (Midler), a writer and recovering alcoholic, and Roger Bannister (Bart), who is gay and has moved to town with his longtime partner. The three of them are suspicious of the other women in the town, who are all placid and blissful and spend their days exclusively on domestic tasks. After witnessing a quickly covered-up incident in which one of the Stepford wives, Sarah Sunderson (Hill), violently malfunctions, and later, the increasingly bizarre behavior of their own spouses, Joanna, Bobbie, and Roger are moved to investigate the strange goings-on in Stepford. In the process, Roger and Bobbie are transformed into bland, unnatural, domestic versions of themselves. The inhuman nature of these new Stepford spouses is revealed to Joanna when she attempts to confront the newly-transformed Bobbie and Bobbie unknowingly places her hand on a lit stove, but does not react to the flame. Joanna attempts to flee, only to discover that her children have been taken hostage by the men of Stepford. She storms the Stepford Men's Club, angrily demanding her children be returned, and is entrapped by the men who have been lying in wait for her. She is forced into the transformation room with her husband, and next we see her, she is calmly purchasing groceries alongside the rest of the Stepford wives, having apparently become one of them.

Soon after, Stepford hosts a formal ball to celebrate the full assimilation of the town, with Eberhart and her husband Walter as guests of honor. During the festivities, Joanna distracts Mike Wellington (Walken), the apparent leader of Stepford, and entices him into the garden while Walter slips away. Walter returns to the transformation room where he destroys the software that is controlling Stepford's wives, freeing them. When Walter returns to the ball, a crisis has broken out between the baffled husbands and their vengeful wives. Joanna and Walter reveal that Joanna had never been transformed but had instead pretended to be in order to assist in the destruction of Stepford. Mike threatens Walter, but before he can attack him, Joanna strikes him with a candlestick, decapitating him, and revealing that he too is a robot. Distraught over the loss of her Stepford husband, Mike's wife, Claire Wellington (Close), reveals that she was the one who had created Stepford as a refuge from the evils of the world in a fit of despair after discovering the real Mike had been having an affair. Claire electrocutes herself using the remains of her Stepford husband, and the irate wives take over Stepford and force their husbands to atone for their crimes by becoming completely subject to the women's wills, placing them under house arrest, and making them complete many of the same banal domestic tasks they had forced the women to do previously.


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