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What are you watching on TV now?

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Back and forth to the second debate of course. Can America's problems be solved in any debate? Can we know the true numbers by any debate? The things Romney has said seem to make more sense to me than this sitting president. In the end you have to go with a gut feeling as to who will do the best job. If one guy gets it wrong its time for someone new. As a Dem I knew as much when Carter was in and when Bush was in. I may go independant. I have a feeling this will be a nail biter. A very close election,.

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NFL Live on ESPN

Direct TV has the NFL channel also. I will never go back to those dickheads at Time Warner. They can shove that company where the sun don't shine. So the Bills sign Merriman again? They must think Anderson is going to be out a bit. Let him sit forever. Kelsay got a safety and the defense is reborn. subbosedly Wambstedt told them to just "play". So why do we need to give him a check? so he dumped his schemes>? The ones that made alot of great players look terrible? Watch out for the birdman now I tell you. Jarius Byrd. I say he is the best pickoff guy in the game. He knows how to get interceptions. And now we have a a pass rush. My only concern is to stop Tennessee's running back. Do that and its lights out. I parlayed the Bills with Tampa, Detroit and Cleveland. Took Raiders with Lions, love both of those bets. Took Dallas on one. I really love the Raiders, Bills, and Tampa this week and like the Lions quite a bit too. Spiller should have a big day

My apologies. I thought I was on the football thread. that post threw me off

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Camille on TCM. Greta Garbo is amazing.

ABSOLUTELY. Try to watch "Queen Christina" when you get a chance...the last scene will haunt your memory forever.

Watching Dallas @ Carolina on one screen, Baltimore @ Houston on another, Tenn @ Buffalo on a third, and Washington @ NY Giants on a 4th. Wall to wall football!

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Game 7 of the National League Championship Series: St. Louis Cardinals @ San Francisco Giants on Fox 11.

During the inning breaks, I switch over to the Monday Night Football game on ESPN: Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears.

Go Giants! Go Bears!

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