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Last episode of London Calling: The Untold Story of British Pop was on tv last night. It can be seen again on the link below:


Featured archival footage of Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, interviews with Andrew Loog Oldham, Simon Napier-Bell et al.

Some interesting points from the episode:

The first wave of British managers in the 1950s were either gay, drug addicts, Jewish or all three.

The first US rock managers had Mafia connections.

Brian Epstein was a shockingly bad business manager costing the Beatles millions of dollars in terrible deals.

Andrew Loog Oldham regarded the Beatles as nothing but a bar band, who got lucky.

Robert Stigwood took over running NEMS from Brian Epstein, not specifically to manage the Beatles, but to promote his own act the Bee Gees with the company's own money as he was broke.

Malcolm McLaren idolized Peter Grant.

The story of Don Arden hanging Robert Stigwood out of a window when he tried to approach Steve Marriott is recounted.

Simon Napier-Bell seems jealous of the success of Peter Grant. :)

The music industry has regressed back to the 1950s in the last decade, with acts being treated as light entertainment not artists, and songs written by "Tin Pan Alley" groups of songwriters.

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