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The Complete Studio Recordings


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Hello, everyone. I hate to make my first post one in which I try hocking stuff, but I've got these, and I figured I'd let them go to people who I know would appreciate them.

I've got three copies of the Complete Studio Recordings that I'm trying to sell.

They are brand new and sealed.

This is the ten disc set, and I wanted to offer them to all of you.

I know that this was always an item that I wanted since I saw it the first time, but it was always far too expensive for me.

Feel free to send me an offer through the messaging system on here. You can also reach me through AIM correspondence.

I'm obviously not looking for what a store would want for these new (though I certainly wouldn't turn it down).

Please include shipping in your offer, and use your own currency where you are for your offer (I buy a lot of items from the UK on eBay, so if you're in the UK, I will love you forever if you'd like one of these).

Thank you for your time.

If I am out of line, I apologize.


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