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Def Leppard's Sparkle Lounge

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Sparkle Lounge is on my wishlist.

I just purchased a shitload of music this weekend though. It's gonna have to wait until next week or so.

I did get Judas Priest's new one though, Nostradamus...it's good!

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Tim McGraw is the sole writer for "Nine Lives"

Thanks for that info..I like the song but it's not my fav on the CD..

Oh.....here's a questiion...Billy Idol is opening for DL in London Canada...If that is not exciting enough I wonder if he will he be singing Tim's part if DL plays Nine Lives??....

Oh.....that justs gives me the quivers thinking about that!!!!!

Juliet :wub:

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I'm late into this thread I know B)

Love Sparkle Lounge, best thing they've done for aeons. Sheffield gig rocked my soul, it was spot on.

And I still have a soft spot for Joe Elliott after all these years :wub:

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ONE SLEEP TO GO...... :):D:):D


Glad to hear from ya, beatbo....

Miss Honeydripper:

If you don't mind me asking....what did ya wear?


I've sent you a PM, Juliet :)

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Hello Mates:

Billy Idol opened....Billy, his guitar player-Steve Stevens, and all the other bandmates were super...

Def was great as well; however, some fans spilled beer near me as they were being moved to another area, They should have been kicked right out of the place!!!!!. I left but I was not happy with the seat they gave me...I had a headache by then and had to leave to get air...Before I moved I was able to see,via a big screen, how the drummer plays his drums....BRAVO!!!

The review the next day in the London paper was great...

If anyone knows Billy, his bandmates or Def Leppard members, tell them Juliet says thanks for visiting London Canada....please visit again....I'll bring a bodyguard and maybe bad fans will think twice about drinkin' and disruptin' Juliet!!!!!!

Juliet :wave:

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The best track on this album for me anyways is a Vivian Campbell song called Cruise Control which has a really nasty lyrics:

I'm not sure why Vivian Campbell hasn't led the band yet for a full album. I think a Vivian Campbell driven Leppard album based off of songs like this would be really interesting

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