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What would you say to Robert, or Jimmy?

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What would you say to the members of Led Zeppelin if you had a chance?

I'm sure they get 'Oh I just love your songs' all the time. Maybe they even

get sick of it, and desire a 'regular' conversation for once, I dunno.

Perhaps something totally unique would be in order.


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To Robert: You are my Elvis. Now, how about bringing Jimmy / Alison / Sensation to Minneapolis sometime soon?

To Jimmy: .... actually I'd probably be too starstruck to say anything coherent, but i'm pretty sure the words "Rain Song" and "Wonderful One" would eventually come out.

To Jones: A bass player walks into a library and says: "Hi I'll have a burger, fries, and a large coke." The librarian responds: Sshhhh....do you know where you are? This is a library!" The bass player sheepishly whispers: "Sorry....I'll have a burger, fries and a large coke"

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I honestly have no idea!!! And believe me its something I've thought about A LOT. :lol:

well said its one of those things that until you are put in that position you really don't know what you'd say hell they could end up asking you a question and you'd end up discussing the price of tea in china and that we be just fine by me!! :)

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Sadly, I think the first thing I'd say if I saw Robert would be OMG! It's Robert Plant!

When I see Jimmy in London this spring (Ha! big time fantasy) I'll shamefully run after him calling out Mr Page! Mr Page!

After putting my foot in my mouth both times, I'd be completely speechless-other than telling them how amazing they are.

*the shock, ya know*

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well if i was looking at them right now, it would mean they are in my neighborhood.

i'd probablly tell them to run away as fast as they can before they catch a new form of aids people have here. it's probablly too late. it's everywhere now. under a microscope it looks like pat robertson and goerge bush procreating.

joking aside i don't know what i would say, i don't even know that i'd want to be in

that position.

most of you would at least say "pull around to the window thank you for your order" or "pump or self serve" . i mean that literaly as in gas you perverted fucks

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i didnt read them all so i dont know if this was said or not. But i would honestly ask robert if his good friends JB was still alive would this tour happen or not? I think it would be interesting to see what he would have to say if all original members were on board except him. (and im not blaming him for not touring he has a good thing going with Ak im just wondering)

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