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Been a bit...


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Yeah, I'm back.

I have a couple questions.

What's this ReR thing that's going on?

This board is still new, so does that mean it's still has some features yet to be added?

Oh and I wish my member # wasn't so high. <_<

RedEyeRichard = ReR. He's very popular among the ladies. I was lucky that he consented to be my friend, as well. :D

I don't know about the new features on the board, Ricky. Are you looking for something special you can't find?

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I was just wondering if there are gonna be some features added to sorta resemble the old board or whatever.

Really? Well, I hope he knews that I was swaying them before he came along. B)

I would guess the board is what it is... at least for now anyway.

Hey, wait a sec -- isn't Aquamarine your fiance? She's going to be very hurt if you go out competing with ReR for the ladies, you know. :lol:


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