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Hell yeah! Glenn Hughes coming out with another album!


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This album is coming in May! You have got to check it out.

For those of you who don't know who Glenn Hughes is, you need to check him out. Do so, and you'll likely become a fan.

Glenn started off in the band called Trapeze, which is some of the best rock to come out in the early 70's. It is purely classic stuff. If you like Zeppelin, or bands from that era, you'll love Trapeze.

Then he was in Deep Purple for the albums Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste The Band. All these albums are masterpieces.

Then there was Hughes/Thrall, which should have been one of the biggest albums of the 80's. Why ti wasn't, I don't know.

Following that has been a great comeback solo career.

His voice is amazing. He has a range that surpasses nearly everyone, and has maintained that and even gotten better as he has aged.

I recommend, if you are a fan of music, which is likely, to check him out, because you will probably become a new fan.

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I had one which i think was called "play do'nt worry" from 79/80 ish.......... Though the musicianship was excellent, it did nothing for me. . . i really tried to like it but i just could'nt get into it.................. as for the Hughes Thrall album....again outstanding playing....but again another that did nothing for me ..... Maybe it's Hughes voice.... it sort of grates....each to his own.... but he's not my bag....

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