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Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page selling giant pre-Raphaelite 'Holy Grail' tapestry


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LONDON - Rock stars are known for excesses, but Led Zeppelin guitar god Jimmy Page is reluctantly admitting his limits.

Britain's Guardian newspaper reports that Page has to curb his most expensive habit - collecting pre-Raphaelite art - by selling a giant tapestry depicting a vision of the Holy Grail.

Page's friend Raul Reeves tells the paper Page has no wall space left in his many mansions.

Reeves says Sotheby's auction house will sell the tapestry designed by painter Edward Burne-Jones next week. He says it is expected to fetch up to $2 million.

Page is also selling other King Arthur-inspired pieces, including stained glass works and a round table.

Sotheby's was not available for comment.

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