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Your drawings!

Inga May

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Well, there are a lot of people on our forum, which draw really wonderfully. And I saw all creations only in "LZ drawings" ;)

But, I think, that it would be great to have a topic, where we could post any drawings on different themes. :)

ok, I am far from being an artist, and almost all of my drawings I make in copy-books, when I sit on the lessons at school. :P But I'll start.




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Here's one for you Inga so you'll have an overview of what I drew during my 'highschool days'! I did this during my class :lol:


I don't know if I could still draw. I remember the last drawing I made was a silly painting and that was 2 years ago already :rolleyes:

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i'm impressed we got some talented artists here. here's a few of mine . please don't be jealous.

drafts of cartoon characters and alter egos


my record company logo:


i have some other's but they are too controversial.

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