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Your drawings!

Inga May

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I love your drawings too Percy (where are those fuc%ing circles????) and yours brspled.

Both of you are creative and original. :thumbsup:

P.S. Percy, YOU ARE 14??? You're extremely talented.

I'll probably go to the Academy of Arts, just like my dad. He's a painter. What to say, creative, aren't we? :)

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I just finished a painting that I call 'Tiger Stripe Forest' (but no tigers). I'm going to enter it into the fair next month.


I got a first place on the painting (a blue ribbon plus $4)

Their comments were: 'Very interesting brush strokes'


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Anywho, Paul McCartney didn't come out very good.. <_<

:( the next time it'll come out wonderful ;)

but I think your drawing is good! and you should show it :D

A little something I drew in a hotel room when I went to stay a night with my friend. I drew it with a pen I found and a thing you put cups on :P


And here's a shirt I made for a friend (I used Fabric paint)


I love that T-shirt! and the top drawing is wonderful! ;)

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