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Jimmy on another Japanese show

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This is great! Though, I understand little Japanaese but the host speaks faster which is so hard to understand and I don't know how to read Kanji characters :lol: But then I like Jimmy Page's answers and he still looks very good :rolleyes:

and it's good to hear that he knows little Nihongo :lol:

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I'd like to know what question he passed on. B)

Hmm...more discussions in September. <_<

You're right. He is adorable there.

Thanks for posting that.

From what I understand on the Japanese question I heard: musician, to become, what kind, WORK, designate :lol: I don't know 'i na katta ra'... Life is so hard! <_<

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I just found these last night. I don't know if they have been posted somewhere else. This time the questions are in English as oppose to Japanese. It gets interesting when Jimmy is asked why he doesn't put one solo album out after another. I think Jimmy's answer is so cool and might have Robert in mind possibly. It's fun.



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