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Tony Romo in LZ T-Shirt at the Lakers-Mavericks Game

The Rover

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Last night in Dallas, the LA Lakers came to town, and narrowly defeated the Mavericks, as they struggled to come back from a 25 point deficit, and eighteen lead changes in the game.

Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, and his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson were spotted courtside.

Tony had a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt on. It's the black "Led Zeppelin World Tour 1971" shirt.

Picture of the shirt by itself.

After you go to the Dallas Morning News Link, it's picture #8 by Louis De Luca.


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I love how Robert calls Jessica Simpson "Jessica Doodle". :lol:

Yes ! Here's the excerpt from that Interview:

And for you, Robert, was there anything that surprised you about Alison once you began working together?

RP: It's kind of like it was the great unknown, but having already had that experience in Cleveland at the Leadbelly Memorial Concert, I knew that Alison is amenable, and when the onus and the territories shift to areas where she's much more comfortable, she really helped me to come to terms with stuff. The way that these people in the studio were operating around Alison was they use a totally different musical-speak to the way that I work in the U.K. with Strange Sensation or, for that mater, with Zeppelin. We don't enunciate, we don't have the same terminologies and we certainly don't know -- I didn't 'cause I've never really sung harmonies -- I didn't know if a fifth was a sixth, or a seventh was a first. And I didn't know what one, five and four meant, either. It was a revelation, and she was very patient and made me feel very comfortable and told me that I was a very quick learner. That was very flattering, even though I wasn't very sure of it. And I knew after a couple of days, because of the kind of kindnesses that it was a much more gratifying experience working around these people than the kind of hubbub working in the U.K. And because the mood of the music and the actual content of the songs and the lyrics were so beautiful, panoramic, the whole thing was like, "Wow." And Alison was there in her hometown with her friends helping me through. It was great.

That sounds quite emotional, but it was... [Alison does fake crying in the background.] It could've been another way altogether. It could've been some sort of teen queen goddess who just wanted to do something with some old bloke. I met Pink the other day -- she watched me singing in Switzerland when I played with Arcade Fire and Bjork. Pink watched the whole show from the side and kept smiling and I kept thinking, "That's a nice-looking girl. Who's that?" And then she came up at the end and said, "That was amazing. And what is even more amazing is I know Janis Joplin used to look after you, Robert." That's true. And she said, "Then we'll make a record together." I said, "Too late. I've got my girl and I'm giving up nothing for her." It would've been totally different working with . . . and that other girl, "Jessica Doodle" [Jessica Simpson].

Yeah, you just did a CMT 'Crossroads' taping she attended. How did that go, because I know you guys are planning on doing a tour next year?

RP: Yeah, there are plans for us to do a tour, but we're not taking Jessica. We're in it for the long haul. She's laughing at me. I dig holes and she says, "Don't say anymore."

AK: Don't say anything more about Jessica. She couldn't have been nicer.

RP: Great girl.

AK: So nice. You forgot her last name for a second.

RP: No I didn't. I know all about it because her great-grandma married George V, no, Edward VII.


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