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Overdoubles Zep


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I wonder if Zep would have sounded different if they went overdoubless? On some level I think that overdubbing made certian songs not sound well live.

I just don't like MMH live no matter what era. Heart does MMH better than Zep.


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I love MMH. I don't really care about overdubbing. Unless it's in dobly, then I don't like it.

Everyone knows you don't mix heavy metal in dubley.

To say that Jimmy shouldn't have recorded overdubs is a ridiculous statement. What would Achilles Last Stand have been? Ten Years Gone?

Yes Page had to play differently in the live setting. He did consider bringing on a second guitarist at one stage. But I think you are getting things backwards. The studio recordings are the first version of a song, the live versions come second. To simplify your studio recordings because you wouldn't be able to play the song live would be lazy and boring.

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