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Acoustic Origins

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I traded for a disc of acoustic Zeppelin, it sounds legit but where was it recorded, who's playing the occasional second guitar, and most importiantly who is the laughing child on Bron - YR - Aur?

Led Zeppelin Acoustic Origins disc 1.

Sources: Another Way To Wales * silver > eac > wav > adobe auditon >flac L8

Antrabata studio sessions ** original files as downloaded from STG> mkw > wav> adobe > flac L8


Liberties were taken and files were changed in order to improve flow and sound.

I enjoy listening to Zeppelin reahearsals so I started this projeckt, and I feel that its well worth the listen.

this is for personal listening pleasure only.


1. Bron - YR - Aur. 1:35*

2. Hey Hey What Can I Do. 1:41**

3. Poor Tom. 2:28 **

4. Stairway To Heaven. 3:46**

5. Down By The Seaside. 12:01**

6. Guitar and Organ - light mood. 4:00**

7. Guitar and Organ - Somber mood. 16:07**

8. Guitar Instrumentals. 34:54**

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Hi, Explanation is a little late but here it is.

Tracks 1,2,3,5 and 8 are from Bron Yr Aur cottage 1970 Jimmy and Robert are messing around on guitar.

The young child heard laughing is Robert's Son Karac. The dog is Strider.

tracks 4,6,7 are from Headley grange studio.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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