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I've been intrested in arts specially painting since i was a little kid, and i would like to share some of my drawings and paintings with you guys.... just to know what you think and i'm very much intrested if someone would show his/her work too :) .... so please post your art ,or any work of art and master pieces in the world that you love to show... and discuss... show your inspiration and artistic souls :D:D:D

these is my work... :)



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amazing stuff there!

I do mostly portraits.



Couldn't get myself to finish this one:


hey... you are really talented... very nice... specially the technique, and the shadowing, wow ... do you have some more portraits, i really like to see more... :D

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yes... there are so many master pieces one would like to see or have in his home all the time... what about you guys, what master pieces would you steal from museums just for urself B) so u can look at it day and night..... :D:D:D

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