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Sadly, this is what the control room of most radio stations look like these days. Notice the lack of a life announcer. That's because everything is pre-programmed through voice tracking (meaning the announcer records all of their breaks ahead of time). Hell, the DJ couldn't break the format even if they wanted to since everything is automated.

Really sad the sight of that empty cabin, I never imagined that this is how modern radio worked.

Back to the recommendations there's something I heard, coincidentally on the radio (The United States of Americana show) this is an upcoming album actually, appears September 28th, not sure if others would like this quiet song, but I liked it the moment they played it on that Americana show.

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Really sad the sight of that empty cabin, I never imagined that this is how modern radio worked.

Tom Petty hit the nail on the head several years back with the title track to his album The Last DJ. In fact, it hit so close to home that it was banned by several Clear Channel owned stations.

Well, you can't turn him into a company man

You can't turn him into a whore

And the boys upstairs

Just don't understand anymore

Well, the top brass don't like him

Talking so much

And he won't play what they say to play

And he don't want to change

What don't need to change

There goes the last DJ

Who plays what he wants to play

And says what he wants to say

Hey, hey, hey

And there goes your freedom of choice

There goes the last human voice

There goes the last DJ

Well, some folks say they're gonna hang him so high

'Cause you just can't do what he did

There's some things you just can't

Put in the mind of those kids

Loved that Black Prairie song, thanks so much for posting it.

Here's a band that's been gaining some notoriety as of late called The Lumineers. They just passed through here opening for Old Crowe Medicine Show. I first heard them earlier this summer on KEXP out of Seattle.

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Alvin Lee (Former Ten Years After) Releases New Album – ‘Still On The Road To Freedom’

August 2012 by Mass Ferguson


Photo: Brigette; www.ten-years-after.com

Former Ten Years After Guitarist/Front-Man Alvin Lee went solo in 1973 and among his first releases was On the Road To Freedom – a country-rock collaboration with gospel singer Mylon LeFevre that included participation from George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood, Mick Fleetwood and Jim Capaldi.


Now, 39 years later comes Still on the Road to Freedom.

Released August 28th – the album continues to show off Lee’s guitar prowess in a new collection of blues, rockabilly and instrumentals. Lee’s band members for the new album are bassist Pete Pritchard, drummer Richard Newman, and keyboardist Tim Hinkley. Here’s a little sample for you –

Listen to Your Radio Station

The link to buy at Amazon is HERE.

Track Listing: 1. Still On The Road To Freedom, 2. Listen To Your Radio Station, 3. Midnight Creeper, 4. Save My Stuff, 5. I’m A Lucky Man, 6. Walk On, Walk Tall, 7. Blues Got Me So Bad, 8. Song Of The Red Rock Mountain, 9. Nice & Easy, 10. Back In 69, 11. Down Line Rock, 12. Rock You, 13. Love Like A Man 2

No tour information is planned, although Alvin Lee will be appearing with Johnny Winter at Olympia Hall in Paris April 7, 2013.


One of the craziest, most famous guitar solos in history: Alvin Lee & Ten Years After at Woodstock 1969. (photo by Herb Staehr)

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Saw this guy (Mike June) open for Jon Dee Graham at a house concert in Raleigh a few weeks ago. When he performed this song it definitely turned some heads. If you listen, you'll hear why. It's pretty tricky lyrical territory to navigate in this day and age of political correctness and oversensitivity but Mike June handles it well. Speaking of Jon Dee, he contributes lap steel to this song and also gets a real nice shoutout in the video itself.

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A few months ago I heard Kaki king on sound check...she was playing a hybrid guitar mandolin...made in the adirondacks...custom built, very interesting sound and great playing. It's on YouTube, instrumental 2, sound check. It's a great song.

Also on sound check was a hip hop native Canadian Indian group called, a tribe called red. They interweave really old Indian recordings of singing and drumming into modern hip hop produced songs. That was interesting as well.

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Go on Youtube and look up the band Saint Jude from London. They are fronted by a female singer, Lynne Jackaman, who is very obviously influenced by soul music, but is using that in the framework of what is basically a rock band; when asked about it, she has herself cited Aretha Franklin, Etta James and early Tina Turner. There are people who maintain that the band sounds a lot like the Black Crowes, but that seems dubious to me - they are moving within what is a somewhat similar musical landscape, but from a different angle, so that their take on things is quite different. I am hearing a bunch of all kinds of different influences in their songs. Lynne has guested with The Answer, and also made appearances with The Union.

Now, the band was formed about six years ago - they are still struggling to get people's attention, have mostly gigged in London so far, but have also participated in various festivals. Their original guitarist and main songwriter, with Jackaman, on their first and thus far only album, Adam Green, died of cancer in January of this year. Their current lineup however includes two really good guitarists, Ivor Sims and Marcus Bonfanti, a blues musician, basically. The band sounds great - I also like their drummer, Lee Cook. They performed at High Voltage in the summer of 2011 - this is one of their songs:

Let's take a couple of examples from their studio album, Diary of a Soul Fiend (2010).


Check out the bit of Beatle psycehedelia towards the end of this song:

They performed at the Genesis book launch for a volume of the lyrics Jim Capaldi wrote, where Robert Plant was present ... they performed Mr. Fantasy there, which I don't think suited the band - but hey, bear in mind what the occasion was, and who doesn't love that song? Ron Wood is a fan, as they are fans of his work especially with The Faces. I believe Jimmy Page has also seen them live in London.

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Hi Ally! Take the first song, a very basic kind of rocking number. In terms of the actual music, much of that one sounds like something that could have been on Exile on Main Street, boogie piano and all ... but it's not just nuances of arrangement that are different from the Stones, as the rhythmical surging, the waves the band is making, sounds more like you would get with Guns 'n' Roses. And you have the slide parts that are very southern rock, no doubt more in the style of Skynyrd than the Allmans.

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Well people, while you're at it, also check out The Union, a British band too. This song sounds like they wanted to mix together a lot of different things from Led Zeppelin - there's quite a bit of Traveling Riverside Blues there, the stomp from Bron Yr Aur Stomp, some of the slide things from In My Time of Dying, and so on.

Another song - hard rock indeed.

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Café del Mar (freely translated as “cafe by the ocean”) is world famous bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Spain. Known for its spectacular sunsets and chill-out music, it is a popular tourist destination during the summer season. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tourists and locals gather in front of the café to enjoy relaxing chill-out music, while the sun slowly disappears under the horizon. Café del Mar has played a major role in the foundation of chill-out music culture[1].

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