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-the mandrake project

i just heard this early morning radio show on saturday, this group is self described as prog rock/chamber music. its all instrumental stuff, but there is a song with lyrics on the new record and its inspired by one of the musicians wife. she was pregnant and going horse riding and he had voiced concern over that and she said,-dont worry the baby is in a miraculous container. so thats the song with the lyrics, -miraculous container.

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i couldnt find the -pete seeger thread, so i'm posting here. just saw alot of the pete seeger tribute on pbs this weekend, was alot of fundraising so didnt see it all. i have to say that i was really impressed by -bruce springsteen's eloquence in speaking about pete, was filled with truth, honesty and yet down to earth. he spoke at -obamas appreciation show too, and in about ten minutes, this guy has some really good things to say.

oh and the performance of -ghost of old tom joad, with tom morello was good too.

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I'll post some of my current favorite bands that I've been listening to a lot lately.

Pygmy Lush - The offspring from the punk band called Pg. 99. Led Zeppelin fans might dig this band. They play a rather depressive style of Folk music.


Maudlin of the Well - They're similar to Opeth in the whole ambient/jazzy/metal sense. Very talented musicians.

Pg. 99 - I'll never get tired of this band. They're sort of a "like it or don't like it" deal as the vocals can easily turn people off. They are unique blend of Grindcore/Screamo/Punk. Really eerie/ambient stuff...

The Stone Roses - Older band, but overlooked. They pretty much influenced the bands that would start the whole Brit-Rock trend in the 90's. They play a throwback style to the 60's. Brit-Pop, with some Psychedelic influences.

At the Drive-In - Cedric and Omar's earlier group (The Mars Volta), with more of a punk feel. I personally prefer these guys over the latter incarnation.

Meshuggah - For the Metal fans out there. They play a complex, but heavy style of Extreme Metal. Drummers should also check out the bass work on this song.

Mickey Newbury - An extremely overlooked Country/Folk song writer. Some of the most spine tingling moments I've ever heard come from this man.

I'll post some more later...

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All right, you've probably heard me blathering about this guy before, but I've never given him a good old-fashioned plug, so here goes: if you like country music at all, in the least, you need to hear Jamey Johnson.

This guy writes songs like Waylon Jennings, has a voice that sounds like Hank Williams Jr. but with the intensity of Hank Sr., writes lyrics like Johnny Cash (High Cost of Living reminds me of Folsom Prison Blues and Man in Black, anyway), and looks like Willie Nelson (hehe). And really, he's just a cool bastard in his own right. When Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban have faded away in 30 years, you'll still be hearing his name (if there's any justice in the world), mark my words.

Songs to check out:

- In Color (this is the big hit single, so it's a little more commercial-sounding than the rest of his album, but it's a great song nonetheless)

- High Cost of Living (story of a man's descent into drugs and prison sung by a guy who sounds like he knows what he's talking about for a change...no gangsta posing here)

- That Lonesome Song (great homage to Waylon)

- Between Jennings and Jones (gotta have a bar room singalong)

- Mowin' Down the Roses (I think everybody here will like this one...it's kind of an old-school blues jam)

- Give It Away (Ok, you GOTTA hear this one...Jamey wrote it, George Strait recorded it. This is Jamey and Lee Ann Womack doing it as a duet live at the George Strait Artist of the Decade Tribute concert. This is the meaning of solid country gold, as far as I'm concerned. Only George Jones and Tammy Wynette do it better.)

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The Mars Volta: released new album "Octahedron", listen to music "Luciforms" the introduction it is very much like "No Quarter" by Led Zep.

The Parlor Mob: the band that best represents influences from Led Zep, frankly singer is very much like Robert Plant, if I could indicate a vocalist for Jimmy Page at the meeting that did not work, this would be the right guy. If you like Led Zep, Wolfmother, listen up.

Wolfmother: is almost upon the release date of new album "Cosmic Egg". "In The Morning" certainly remember Led Zep.

The bands mentioned are some that show some references to Led Zep.

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No boring new rock soft stuff. Only good classic sounding bands But From Recent times. Any Zeppelin fan would probally love. Check out more songs though than the ones i recommended

BAND Song I recommend .

Buckcherry Crazy Bitch .

Z02 Isolate.

Shinedown Sound Of Madness

Wolfmother Dimension .

Rage Against The Machine Killing in the Name of

Red Hot chilli Peppers Give It away.

Airbourne Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast.


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Ok, I know this is a Zeppelin forum.

Problem is, I grew tired of the old stuff long ago. So I really only listen to new music now. I know a lot of classic rock fans think it's all crap, and if this is your path of thought, please don't post negativity everywhere. I'm always looking for new music, so I thought I'd share some, and maybe get some in return. biggrin.gif

Sooooooo, new music recommendations? Indie, rock, metal, jazz, even rap and hip hop! Whatever the hell you want, whatever you think is good, post it!

My recommendations:

Stuff Zepheads might like -


The Mars Volta, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, The Jai-Alai Savant, Portugal The Man

More indie-style:

The Bird And The Bee, The Parson Red Heads, Sondre Lerche (Dan in Real Life soundtrack, anyone?)

Stuff Zepheads will probably make disgusted faces at -

Hardcore metal, whatever other kinds of metal:

Misery Signals, The Fall of Troy, John Vs. The Machine, Norma Jean, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Circle Takes The Square, A Life Once Lost


The Dear Hunter, edIT

Post your own! cheer.gif

Ohhh myyyy goooood!!!!!

At last i find somebody here that likes The Mars Volta, i posted a couple of things from them here and everybody ignored them when i think they're one of the most creative and revolutionary bands now. I love everything that Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is producing besides that i'm proud of the latin american background they have, they just drive me nuts!!! I think that most of the people here is very square, they just like blues and nothing more (and don't misunderstand me, i love blues) i was getting kind of bored of checking the forum, there's so many new things to listen, you just have to be selective, people here have been putting examples already.....right on!!!!


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There's a new band called IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC which is formed by Nicke Andersson (of Hellacopter's fame) and some other great musicians out of Stockholm, Sweden. They are releasing a new 45 next week.

Info from www.myspace.com/imperialstateelectric:

Ghost Highway Recordings out of Madrid will issue the very first I.S.E. release in April.

2 songs ("That's Where It's At" & "Oh Babe") on a 7" vinyl single.

Check out www.myspace.com/ghosthighwayrecordings for more details.

Here's two songs that also can be found on their myspace. It sounds like Nicke picked up where he left with The Hellacopters, but with more powerpop and glam rock influences. Alice Cooper anyone?? :D Pretty good if you ask me!



I have already ordered my 45 and are now awiting news about the forthcoming album too!

This is from ISE blog from Feb 23rd:

First Album's Done

The first album is now completed, called Imperial State Electric no less. 12 songs. Talking to a few labels at the moment and hopefully it will see the light of day sometime before the summer. Is it any good? It kicks my ass at least. I hope it'll kick yours too.

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Dead Man

I've recommended this band before but really this band deserves my continuous praise. One of my favorite bands, album Euphoria is phenomenal.


Listen to a full concert of theirs here live at the 2009 Roadburn Festival.

The Gates of Slumber

Heavy Metal

Troubled Horse

Has two members and one former member of Witchcraft. Witchcraft has been previously mentioned in this thread.


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Alain Johannes has a new CD coming out on Josh Homme's label. The CD is called Spark.

The track Endless Eyes shimmers!

It's available online here for free:


And here:


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Ryan Gustafson is part of the Drughorse Cartel, a collective out of Chapel Hill that also includes Max Indian, Mount Moriah, the Tomahawks, the Sundowners, Brett Harris, Twelve Thousand Armies, the Light Pines, Old Bricks and an ever growing number of other new bands. This is a song from his debut album, Donkey called Soul Train (Red or Black):

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