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Spotify is a channel where you can find loads of music and stream whole albums. Almost every artist who ever had an official release is featured there, not counting bands like Metallica, U2 and a couple of other giants that has refused to be available there (but who cares about them anyway). You can choose to sign in for free and have commercial every 20 to 30 minutes or have premium and pay an amount every month without commercial breaks.

Think I'll try it out but like with last.fm I'll stick with the free account.

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I've heard the EP this comes from described thusly: "(it) sounds like Roger McGuinn & Tom Petty met up with Unicorn and Fleetwood Mac at some Hollywood mansion for a beautiful 1980 sunset".


Oooh, that's nice. Real nice, actually. Reminds me how much I love this part of the board.

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Thanks for recommending the Black Angels, I'm afraid most of the other music on the past few pages is a bit too mellow for me.

Try this. Fucked Up are one of the most talked about bands playing Hopscotch next weekend. Punk rock really isn't my thing but I'd still like to check out their set.

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If you liked that, try this one on for size. Please let me know what you think, and be honest.

I didn't like this one as well; it seemed like any other generic heavy metal song. I also found the video annoying.

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