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What's Your Latest Purchase?

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Ordered the following off of Amazon

The Song Remains The Same(remastered version)

Ege Bamyasi - Can

The Word Is Live - Yes

H To He Who Am The Only One - VDGG

Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night - Peter Hammill

Trilogy - ELP

Starcastle S/T

Waterloo Lily - Caravan

I really shouldn't be spending so much money :(

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The Eagles~Long Road Out Of Eaden

TSRTS on CD, the new 2007 reissue.

I am unsatisfied with the packaging of TSRTS.

The cardboard that is supposed to contain the first disc is not glued down properly. It appears as if the other side isn't glued well either.

I purchased the actual physical discs for a reason. Because I like to view the artwork and inserts.

I'm ripping them all to my puter so don't plan on taking the actually discs in and out much, but still, for the price I paid, seems like pretty shoddy workmanship.

ON the upside, the Eagles Deluxe CD packaging is pretty damn nice.

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When I was in Camden on Tuesday morning I got the following:


John Squire - Time Changes Everything

Cast - All Change

Morrissey - Viva Hate

Suede - Head Music

Gomez - Bring It On


New Order - Confusion

And today this finally arrived!



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Very nice!

Even nicer! :D Got mine too! :cheer:

Yeah, I'm finally glad to have my own copy of Bring It On...I've been listening to the copy I got off my boyfriend for far too long!

Have you listened to disc 2 of In Rainbows yet? It's pretty ace!

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Have you listened to disc 2 of In Rainbows yet? It's pretty ace!

I still don't have it... it could be up to another week before I get it.

Woooooooo. :mellow:

I've heard the pictures on the enhanced CD are pretty funny.

I also got Red by King Crimson, so I'm pretty happy.

Yeah man, it'll be worth every penny.

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I've been on an Allman Brothers binge lately.

The Allman Brothers Band - Atlanta International Pop Festival (too lazy to write out the entire name of the album, it's huge)

The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East (no words to describe it)

The Allman Brothers Band - Idlewild South (worth it for Hoochie Coochie Man alone)

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