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What's Your Latest Purchase?

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I was beginning to think I wouldn't get to shop for records again this year. My two main haunts, Amoeba and Rockaway Records, are closed for the foreseeable future. But I managed to find two other record shops that have reopened...if only for limited hours. Meaning they close at 5pm.

How wonderful to be among records again, flipping through the stacks. Here is the bounty I left with.




The 60th anniversary edition.


The deluxe edition.


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Not a purchase but a service.  Just dropped off my MacBook Pro at 🍏 Apple store.  Arrogant little prick gave me  nothing to prove I just dropped off a $3000 computer loaded with sensitive info!!  Just got the e mail.  Might do the survey this time.  He won’t be getting an A.  Except for asshole!  
Issues:  battery life is main. I had to blow some dust out to get fan working right .  If your PC makes noise you should first blow out air vents,  I recommend doing it anyway.  Lastly, software issue.  First time ever I could not upgrade due to storage?   Using Catalina and trying to upgrade to Big Sur.  Not sure but likely photos?  Even though most are in Google. So I must survive 3-5 days without my PC!!!  

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