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Led Zeppelin fan age


How many years gone?  

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  1. 1. How old are you?

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But Robert was singing,

"She's only 3 years old and that's a real fine way to start"

Maybe Jimmy helped write the lyrics. ;)el1izm.jpg

That's my favorite line from all their songs! The line, I think is about Carmen Plant.

I was fasincated when I would hear "Kashmir" when I was around 4. I was glued to the radio or whatever. I didn't realise until I got back into them that the song was as old as I was. Physical Graffetti came out about month before I was born and Jimmy was in LA the very night I was born. They did one of their shows at the Forum, so he was on just the other side of the country!

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What should be very clear is that Led Zeppelin is a band that TRANSCENDS generations now.

You can not find another band in the modern era (post WWII) that still resonates with its audience 29 years after their last tour/album.

Being old at 36.. the only shot I ever had at even comming close to seeing the songs I love performed live was on the Plant & Page tour back in 92' or was it 93? Anyhow..

Thats as close as I will ever get to them as I was just a baby in their heyday.

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14, Ive been a fan forever, I think. I was raised on Zep, and Jimi Hendrix, and other things( I dont feel like typing a lot...) Ive always loved them, and of course they are my favorite band. I think my most prized possessions are my LZ records, then next...comes my cats( Sorry Meow-meow, Fatty, and Middy). But, I dont really consider them possessions...

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I think its awesome because it really tells how much the band is successful and loved, even by the younger people. It's really awesome to see them still selling albums from roughly 30 years ago, and most likely 30 years from now as well! :D

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:blink: Wow ...I am TOTALLY amazed at how young most of you are here!!!

Also think it's Awesome!I was 15 when The Mighty Led Zeppelin came to my town...My mom said..."No Way!!"I didn't talk to her for a whole 2 weeks!!!(little did I know at the time...much to my dismay and added aggravation!!!..That would be the last time they would EVER come to town...........)The year was 1975.I grew up...had kids and have now had the extereme pleasure of seeing Robert not once,but 2 times!!5 rows from the front for his tour with The Strange Sensation and once again 5 rows back for his tour with Allison! I have to say the man still has Mojo B)!!

I'm excited that the younger generation is here with us ever enjoying the Mighty Zep!!(Yes,my kids like them too!)

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I'm 16.

I've liked LZ, I admit, since only 15...

But since dad showed me how to play bass for it..my love has grown.

Such wonderful music!..I still can't figure out how I couldn't have liked them all those years...

I guess my head was too full of Beatles, Monkees, Joplin, Bowie, and Alice Cooper... :lol:

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I will be 23 this summer. It's great to know that so many people my age and younger love LZ. I have hope for the future!! :D

But I just realized that this poll isn't entirely accurate. :o Because in a year from now, if I still visit the site, I will be in the 24-30 category. Maybe we could start a new age poll each year or something.

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