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Led Zeppelin fan age

How many years gone?  

912 members have voted

  1. 1. How old are you?

    • 15 or below
    • 16-23
    • 24-30
    • 31-36
    • 37-43
    • 44-48
    • 49-54
    • 55-60
    • 61-65
    • 66-70
    • 71-75
    • 76+

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Thought I had responded to this ages ago but seems not, anyway I'm 56. Looking at the results us old people are in a minority, the average age is scarily young. Still there are some advantages to being old at least we got the chance to see them live (4 times in my case),


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I am amazed at how young most of the fans are. I am a newcomer to this site, and would have guessed the average would have been 50 - 60. At least the younger generations posting here have great taste in music, and can appreciate the LZ experience! Rock till you drop!

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I'm 48

and love seeing younger folks getting into the band.

If the music and the band touches your heart, mind and soul then you are just as much a fan as anyone.

(But it is very cool to read about the concert experiences of some of the members who did see the band)

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27 .

A mighty critical age in music. We've lost some of the greats at that age...

What a list that age has associated with it. Impressive group yet so sad.

So I'm not allowed in the over 50 thread yet, I'll just have to play here till then...year and a half to go.

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If music is really good, like the music of Led Zeppelin is, it will last forever!

I was 10 when I bought my first album back in 1982, and that album was Led Zeppelin II - I've been hooked since.

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