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Led Zeppelin fan age


How many years gone?  

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60....saw Zeppelin in New York in February 75 and was supposed to see them on Aug 13 1977 in Philadelphia but we all know what happened there. I've seen Page, Plant, and Page & Plant numerous times over the years and I'm going with my daughter (who was probably conceived to "The Lemon Song" in 1971.....) to see Robert this July in Boston. I used to play in a band myself back in the day and we covered a few Zeppelin tunes -- at least as many as the singer(s) could handle. So, this band has been a big part of my life since around 1969-70 when I first heard them and they continue to be to this day, more than 40 years later. Probably will be till the day I day, I imagine.

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I feel encouraged by what I've read on this thread. Today's young people seem to have all but completely forgotten about bands like the Stones and The Who, but there still seems to be a small, dedicated contingent of young Zeppelin fans out there. It seems like in some places it's even become "cool" to like Zeppelin. When one considers that the great majority of Zeppelin fans are now in their 50's and 60's, this is good news.

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Hello good Zep fans

I recently posted a survey about Led Zeppelin and included stuff like ages for a media studies task, I was very successful in getting enough answers to produce a report about Led Zeppelin and what type of people Zep listeners are

This survey is not about Led Zeppelin however it would benefit me greatly if you could take just 30 seconds to answer it so I can produce a good report.
after all , all Led Zeppelin fans are friends right?

The location of Northampton is irrelevant in this survey , THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

Jacob PAGE


Gibson Les Paul 2010 Traditional

Marshall MG50CFX

Blackstar LT Drive

Boss Fuzz FZ-5

Boss Phaser PH-3

Led Zeppelin 1, 2, 3, remastered

Led Zeppelin 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Physical Graffiti, Presence, In through the out door, Coda

How the west was one

celebration day

Live at the Royal albert hall

Favourite Zep song - How many more times / bring it on home

Age 17 been a zep fan from birth really

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It's nice to see many younger fans here. Oh and another compliment I need to give the young people of today........., I see it happening in my hometown of The Hague (don't know how it is elswhere...), but I notice many teens and young people in their 20's taking music lessons and joining bandcoaching projects. Seems like they are interested in learning about music again and want to learn to make music again.

I am 37 years old and was a teen in the 90's, a terrible era for music with all the house (and other forms of techno-dance music) and hip-hop coming up........

So it's great to see (at least in The Hague) that younger people today are turning to true music once more, maybe there's hope yet.....


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You are right there GibsonGirl us older fans (48) are out there, and Led Zeppelin still tops the rest. Was listening to the Houses of the Holy in the car just now, it still sounds fresh, lively full of valid musical reference and relevance.

I remember that album cover in our sitting room at home when I was only 6 or 7, my much older sister would play it over and over. I was sat in a car park the other day next to a black Range Rover, obviously wealthy older gentleman gets in, starts it up, lowers the window whilst he is waited for someone and guess what, same album playing lol. Timeless and reaching out to all. So totally aware of what they were doing and with the ability to do it, that's Led Zep. People can criticize the band all day long, it makes no difference to me at all, because I know they have appealed and still do to people from all different walks of life and ages in a way nobody else ever did or could. So much music just doesn't stand the test of time in the same way. Great to see all the young people on here keeping alive the love of the band and the music. :yourock:

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16 in May! Still part of the younger crowd here :bubble: I think I've been a fan of Zeppelin since I was like 3, my dad used to play Zep III in the car all the time and I was mesmerized by Since I've Been Loving You. By far, Led Zeppelin has become my life addiction that I can never quit...

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I was looking at some of the led zeppelin fan pages on instagram and most of them seem to be done by girls under the age of 18. they post very frequently which is cool but I could do without the captions asking for relationship advice :lol:.

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