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Led Zeppelin fan age

How many years gone?  

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i'm 35 next week. finding i have less and less time for webbin but I'm in a real tether of late with this splurge of Zepmania. I'm a fan since age 12 and appreciate them now more than ever after hearing megatonnes of crap since then. great to discover lots of new and other musics of course but that quality is hard to find. still all great fun when yr do.

something very cool is Led Zep always have new fans which will really add to the atmos if they do any more shows. I hope tics arent too overpriced which can happen w for eg. the Stones prices are too high on the floor for anyone under 45 it seems. so if you do end up w a good spot chances are the crowd around will not even want to stand up and moan if yr do! I'm not suggesting for a sec that those over 60 cant rock out, this is clearly rubbish, but shows with a lively all ages crowd are best. B)

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I am 37. This is soo cool this shows how Led Zep is still fresh and new. How they are still a group who will speak to rebellion and youth. They are the Hammer of The Gods. I fell in love with them in grade school. I stole some weed from my parents and traded it for Physical Graffiti. That same year Coda came out and i got it for christmas.I have been a freak ever since.

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28, Very interesting Poll. I became a fan around 16, but I heard Zeppelin years before that. Luckily my dad had good music taste and kept the classic rock cranked on the radio when I was young. It seems like a lot of people discover Zeppelin around their teen years. It's the true music fans that keep listening into their 40's & beyond.

Really cool that in today's jaded world, theres still something positive that unites us across all age groups. Rock on!

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I'm 52 and have been a big fan of Led Zeppelin since they started. I usually listen to them every day and I like to play their music on my guitar when I'm in the mood. I am so glad they joined together to honor Ahmet Ertegun and hope they decide to do a world tour so all their fans have the opportunity to see them in concert. I had that chance in 1973 when they played at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but I was not able to attend. Wish I could have and hope I can one day in the future!

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I'm 43. If they decide to share with the fans and tour either in the states here, or other places in Europe, I will travel to see them. Ive seen Robert Plant solo several times,and also Jimmy's assorted projects when he has toured....ie The Firm.

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