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Favorite Guitar Solos

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I have to mention this solo from Trevor "Judge Trev" Thoms who died at 3am this morning from cancer at the age of 60.

This was his first band from the late sixties called Iron Maiden (nothing to do with the famous band of the same name).


RIP, Trev.

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I'll leave out Led Zeppelin and some of the more obvious ones for the sake everyone else has put em :P


King Harvest - The Band (it's subtle and it reallly goes with the song, Robbie Robertson's playing is really great to me in studio, it was never "IN YOUR FACE" like other artists, it just went along)

Kingdom Come - The Band (again, J.R.R.!)

It Makes No Difference - The Band (ok I'll stop)

Turn on your Lovelight - Grateful Dead (live)

Anything else live by Grateful Dead usually guarantees some great solos.

Down by the River - Neil Young

Soul Sacrafice - Santana

Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf (Todd Rundgren, I never hear much praise for him)

Sweet Lady - Queen (I honestly don't rememebr is there was a solo or not in the song, have not listened in a while, but the guitar always stood out to me)

Million Miles Away - Rory Gallagher

Cradle Rock - Rory Gallagher

Working Man - Rush

Heaven and Hell - The Who (Live at Leeds)

Born on the Bayou - CCR (It's a really slow solo, but it always stuck out to me stylistically, really swampy sound :P)

Further on up the Road - Eric Clapton & The Band (Eric is awesome here!)

OOH I forgot to add

Don't Do It - The Band (live from Rock of Ages)

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I love pretty much every solo on Presence, although ALS and NFBM stand out, and ALS is probably my favorite solo of all, LZ or not.

A couple non-Zeppelin that come to mind...

Black Sabbath Neon Knights

Alice In Chains Man In The Box - I think this one is often overlooked, it's short but very powerful and aggressive.

And I know it's not a solo, but from 3:36 to 4:46 on Soundgarden's Jesus Christ Pose may quite possibly be the greatest 70 seconds ever recorded.

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Jimmy Page on Achilles last stand

Ritchie Blackmore on Burn and Child in Time

E V Halen on Beat it

plus most Brian may solos, as they are always seem to fit perfectly to to the song.

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Also, Rick Derringer from 1977's Derringer Live doing Beyond The Universe


Not sure why I love this 30 seconds so much, but it gives me goosebumps every time.

I wish it was an entire song.

It's approximately 5:35 - 6:05 of the original.

What a great fucking album.

Beyond The Universe

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