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led zeps best song

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:beer: okay well ...... I'll kick-off by being totally unoriginal, (but nevertheless accurate, you 'orrible lot :P)


i do agree that stairway to heaven is a classic, and it is thier hit, one other of their best songs is kashmir, black dog, and whole lotta love.
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all are great my fav kashmir

Agreed whole heartedly. I named my screen name after it 'cause it's my favorite song ever.

Personal favorite: Kashmir

Acoustic favorite: Going to California

"One for old-times sake" type favorite: Whole Lotta Love/Dazed and Confused (Tie)

Overall best: Stairway to Heaven

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hi im sophie

and im puttin this poll up to see what other people theink of led zeppelins songs

please do my poll x


Ouuh, hard one... But I'll have to go for Since I've Been Loving You :)

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