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Does anyone know this?

Fresh Garbage

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All my years listening/reading and posting on Zeppelin sites I have never seen this question asked. and this is a question that I wish someone could answer....

here is the link :o

sorry link wont work so I will ask it here:Thanks to Slime over at RO for asking this.....

while listening to Denmark Radio 69 (it's on the DVD) anyway at the end of HMMT durring the huh-huh-isn't it nice sugar and spice part, you can hear a strange rhythmic tapping sound at (29.44 of the show)....who was doing that? i have benn watching this video for 17 years now and I still cant figure it out.

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^ I was meaning about asking if the link was OK. :lol:

Since I wasn't able to link to the real question of your post, I asked you about your subject question.


I've got to view my DVD and see about this.

sorry I left you hanging there :D I had to go back over to RO to see who made the thread. so I could credit him.

did you ever wonder what that tapping sound is?.....it sounds so cool.

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