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Does anyone know this?

Fresh Garbage

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All my years listening/reading and posting on Zeppelin sites I have never seen this question asked. and this is a question that I wish someone could answer....

here is the link :o

sorry link wont work so I will ask it here:Thanks to Slime over at RO for asking this.....

while listening to Denmark Radio 69 (it's on the DVD) anyway at the end of HMMT durring the huh-huh-isn't it nice sugar and spice part, you can hear a strange rhythmic tapping sound at (29.44 of the show)....who was doing that? i have benn watching this video for 17 years now and I still cant figure it out.

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^ I was meaning about asking if the link was OK. :lol:

Since I wasn't able to link to the real question of your post, I asked you about your subject question.


I've got to view my DVD and see about this.

sorry I left you hanging there :D I had to go back over to RO to see who made the thread. so I could credit him.

did you ever wonder what that tapping sound is?.....it sounds so cool.

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the sound comes from john bonham's amazing kick to the bass drum. you can hear it clearly when he hits his other drums as being his bass drum that he just keeps striking while everything else is quiet.

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