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The Next President of the USA will be?

Who will win the Presidency in 2008?  

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  1. 1. Who Wins in 2008?

    • Hillary Clinton
    • Rudy Giuliani
    • John Edwards
    • Mike Huckabee
    • John McCain
    • Barack Obama
    • Ron Paul
    • Mitt Romney
    • Bill Richardson
    • Fred Thompson

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guess i better add that to the resume...

like i said..."she ain't got nothin' on me..."

see...i can even sound "folksy"

I believe she ain't got nothin' on you.

It must be the Norwegian Wood.

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Sarah Palin Looks Hot In Jeans B)

You need glasses. Maybe that ass looks good for an Alaskan, not compared to women her age here. Again, your opinion seems to be way off base. Take off those sun glasses and see the light. Everybody needs the light....... :P

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hearin lies the problem...many employers do not pay their employees enough to cover health insurance...i think we are getting close here wannabe...i agree he can just pay him the money, but the problem is he's not...employers have been given the chance to pay a "living wage" without a government mandate for a long time and they are not jumping at the chance...kudos to the employers that are...they will have no problem with any future government mandate......afterall, healthy employees can only increase productivity and public health is in the interest of anybody who steps outside their door...
So you don't think employers pay people living wages in the United States? That's actually very false.

But on to the real point. Employers are paying their employees enough, that's no the problem. If we can drop to cost of medicine, treatment, and insurance, then employers won't have to give out more and employees can afford their health insurance more easily. It would be win-win.

Let me ask you a question though. Let's say that the government forces, as you suggest, a company to pay its employees' health insurance. The employer cannot pay that much money so he cuts a job or two. The workers that is being fired tells the employer that he will work without the health-insurance, he just really needs to job...but there's nothing the owner can do.

Do you think thats right? Should the man be allowed to work without the health insurance coverage if he wishes or should he simply be fired, regardless?

and as far as you not being shocked by healthcare for federal employees "since it's been happening for a while now"...i am sure you will feel the same way after everyone has healthcare "for a while"...cheers wannabe

You mistake my calmness for acceptance. I don't like giving federal employees health care on the governments tab simply because they work for the government. But at the same time, I'm not going apeshit because they do. It's not revolutionary stuff or anything.

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Hey Hermit! Where art thou? You have two hours to come out of hiding and convince me why I should go vote for this guy Obama. Im for sale, real cheap. But not to just anyone. Come on Hermit. I know you are reading dude!

He's actually not. He never made a new name so he has no way of actually getting back into the site to even read shit.

So, while you're making a fool of yourself by taunting someone who's not there, he's quite content with his position elsewhere.

Nice try

Edited by wanna be drummer
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I realize we're now onto clothing, but just to return to the race thing for a minute--I think most of it stems from the nature of US racial history, and the "one drop" rule whereby anybody who had one drop of African blood in him/her was considered black, and therefore a slave. Hence, all those children that slaveowners fathered on their slave women became slaves. The same idea--that any black heritage is the dominant heritage--still lingers today, even though it's becoming increasingly meaningless. In fact, the whole concept of race is now meaningless but that's a topic for another time and place. :D

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Many people will be happy the elections are over. This isn't the case for me. In that it's a good opportunity for people to gather and get to the dirt of how they really feel about issues. To me this gives us a better perspective of what people are like and what they want for others. Plus what they want for the future of our country and how it reflects around the globe. Yes, I was a speaker in several schools, it's what I did well. Seeing it on a board is very bewildering at times, but this is why we have phones, legs, cars, planes etc.

For people to actually get together....much like the conventions. People who work in the events either locally or on the trail actually love this stuff (ooops a Palin there on spelling heee). People gather and actually have fun together no matter how hard the struggle.

This is what inspires a country. Hard work and a never say die attitude.

So no matter who you voted for or even if your a candidate??? This has been one hell of a race, makes me proud to be an American. Lets keep the part that keeps us coming together and talking issues, the issues are what make us a country.

Edited by Mary Hartman
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Lisa Ann is much hotter....despite not being in jeans for long. B)

Not much competition for Obama Girl :D

But I forgot what she looks like, anyone remember?

Oh yeah...


Obama Girl is not endorsed by the Barack Obama Campaign.

However I think she would make a great lesbian...

Edited by Mary Hartman
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Which of course means nothing. Soon the Obama supporters will be posting yippee and cheerleaders. They should hold off until the man shows us something. Let him do the job right and then you can tell me I was wrong. That is a long way off. Hillary was the better choice and Ill stand by that. You have your Obama pres. Go celebrate, but make it short. He has much to do and much to prove.

Nothing like a sore loser.

Oh well....better luck next time LOSER.

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Who is being sore. You havent won shit yet. When he fixes this country then you can call me a loser you dumb ass.

Your the won trying to dictate who can celebrate what and when. So when you can OFFICIALLY declare yourself Elvis. Then you have a peg to stand on.


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