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Sound of Alassio

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HELLO PEPLE I WOOPS i had the caps loc on i wish i could be a member but my mom thinks im 2 young im 9 my name is sabrina and my mom says i like led zeppelin wen i actully love it i took ladymadcaps vinl albums {LED ZEPPELIN} and put them on my wall and then i hav a Robert Plant poster with his shirt undun and him holding a dove mi 1st fav song is black dog then the ocean nice 2 met u

ladymadcaps daughter my youser name would be percys girl

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Wellcome as well from your italian bro.

uhm are you from Italy, I mean from Alassio ?? if yes, we're still part of a small group of serious zepheads!



You are all right, Luke. A big hug from a ZEPHEAD in the quiet bay of Alassio (between Genoa and Monaco, for the others).

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