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What Colour is your Toothbrush?

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is a toothebrush? :unsure:


Note to self: Don't EVER French Joe. :hysterical:

8.5 x 11 80 grit flesh colred.

I wonder: Does IGG have any teeth left after using sandpaper on them? :P

WTF! I've created a monster!

here is my new fangled electrafied model


That's killing two birds with one stone! Practice and oral hygiene!

Really--my toothbrush is clear, but has light, minty-green (like the forest service trucks) rubber grips on it.

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now there are some things I keep private, and this is one of them LOL

I was talking about my real-life toothbrush, not the one Del posted. The other stuff was a joke. :D

edit: nevermind--I thought you said "now there are some things you should keep private..." :rolleyes:

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Come on you guys.... What is the real point of this topic? It really can't be to find out the colour of peoples toothbrushes because that would make no sense.

There is some sort of evil plot behind it :ph34r: . I just haven't figured it out yet..... :P:lol:

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