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Best opening song

Best opening song  

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  1. 1. Best opening song

    • We're Gonna Groove
    • Immigrant Song
    • Rock and Roll
    • The Song Remains the Same

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"Rock And Roll". It's so powerful song to start with, and it's rock and roll. :D

"Immigrant Song" is good too.

I agree for an opening song.( would be nice to see them again with that as an opening song!!)

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I chose The Song Remains the Same. It's like a fanfare already. The lyrics are about playing all around the world and as an opener it says "and tonight we're playing HERE!"

Rock and Roll works, but Robert's voice never seemed warmed up enough not to be squeaky when they opened with it.

Train Kept a Rollin was cool too, but not included in the poll, lol!

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I've already commented on this ages ago but I still say that Ledded 1's description of Immigrant Song takes the bull by the horns. To quote him..." Like a heard of fucking elephants coming at ya". He be right ! I have never heard a better openning number for any concert before or since . Simply The Best !!!

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I chose Immigrant Song. While I love all 4 of the choices, in my opinion an opening song should have constant energy, and get the croud pumped up. The way Zeppelin plays We're Gonna Groove, they slow down in the middle, and after the blistering opening of The Song Remains The Same, the band slows way down, and absolutely kills the intensity. So the only 2 songs left in my mind were Rock and Roll and Immigrant Song. For me personally, Rock and Roll fits best during the latter part of the setlist than at the front, whereas Immigrant Song fits nicely at the very front, but not so much anywhere else. And there you have it! My entire mental though process. cool.gif

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Well, this is easy since my favorite album is Houses of the Holy. Have to go with The Song Remains the Same. I love when Robert starts out with those signature hand gestures singing....

"I had a dream...crazy dream...

Anything I wanted to know,

Anyplace I needed to go.....

Hear my song, People won't you listen now?

Sing along with me,

You don't know what you're missing now...."

Yeah, that does it for me. I also think at both the beginning and the end Jimmy just tears it up on his guitar and JPJ and John Bonham play very tight on the song as well imo. Definitely TSRTS for my pick. ....... :) missy

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What about Wanton Song? I know it was never played by Zep as an opener, but, it was played by Page & Plant as an opener and worked very well.

As far as reality is concerned, Immigrant Song was my fav Zep opener, but other tunes could have been just as effective:

Good Times, Bad Times & Custard Pie come to mind.



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