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What a magnificent effort! Paul Rodgers


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I love the voice and music of Paul Rodgers, from Free to Bad Company, his solo albums, The Firm etc. I have only just bought his first solo album, "Cut Loose".

Firstly, it is a really good album, some really great songs on it. But then I find out that Paul Rodgers not only wrote the whole album, he also played every instrument on it and produced it himself in his own private recording studio.

I take my hat off to such talent. How many people in the world could do such a thing? And then come up with a really good album. And all the instrumentation is very good, you wouldn't think by casually listening to it that one man is playing everything. And he's a pretty good lead guitarist too.

Incredible talent. And such a shame that it's so underrated.

Now, as much as I love Zeppelin, I have to say that even they individually could not do what Paul Rodgers can do-write an entire album, sing, play every instrument and produce it. My favourite band is Black Sabbath, but I same the same thing, that none of the members could do that either.

In fact, I believe only a handful of people in the world can do such a thing and make it good.

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Paul Roger's is a great talent no doubt and would'nt you know it .I dont have that one will put it on my list.

I have Electric --not as good as i would have liked.

Now and Live- pretty good effort

The Hendrix set not bad

Muddy Water Blues pretty good

none compare with Bad Company's early effort's or Free's better music

I am waiting on a new Queen studio release the live with Paul was not bad

Also liked some of the stuff from the Firm


Bad Company Baton Rouge LA 77

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