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Inaugural ride of the Led Zeppelin - The Ride roller coaster

The Pagemeister

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Be the First in History to Ride Led Zeppelin at Hard Rock Park

Myrtle Beach, SC (PRWEB) April 1, 2008 -- Auctionwire, in conjunction with Rock My World Children's Village and Hard Rock Park announced today the launch of an experience aimed at roller coaster enthusiasts, fans of classic rock's biggest band and anyone who just wants to make history.

Beginning on March 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET and ending on April 7 at 9:00p.m. ET, Hard Rock Park will be auctioning off 15 individual tickets for the inaugural ride of the Led Zeppelin - The Ride roller coaster. Visit the Charity Auction here.

A joint creative connection between Hard Rock Park and legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin - The Ride was conceived to give Led Zeppelin fans the ultimate amusement park experience.

The highest winning bidder from Row 1, Seat 1 will have the opportunity to sit next to Steven Goodwin, Hard Rock Park CEO who will also make a personal contribution to add to the final bid price to support the charity.

Each prize pack to be bid on in this one-of-a-kind charity auction will include a seat on the coaster's very first official ride, a signed Led Zeppelin poster and commemorative certificate declaring the rider's place in history. The rider will also have his or her ride forever commemorated with a photo taken of the event. The media will be on hand for this landmark event, providing a potential interview opportunity to chronicle the rider's breathless adventure.

Only fifteen individual seats will be available for auction in this highly anticipated maiden voyage of the bands flagship roller coaster. The auction, which will take place on eBay, is being held exclusively by Auctionwire. Bidders may visit www.auctionwire.com/hardrockpark to bid. The auction begins March 31, 2008 and ends on April 7,2008

Led Zeppelin - The Ride, named by Jimmy Page, will also feature the Zeppelin smash-hit "Whole Lotta Love" which was selected for the ride by Jimmy himself. The bands hit will be pumped out on the coasters powerful 64 speakers, generating 1200 watts of music as the coaster hurtles the screaming rider down its 3/4 mile long track at speeds hitting 65 mph.

The ride itself will feature six inversions and reach an apex of a 155 foot drop before riders plunge through a 120 foot tall loop, a 95 foot tall cobra roll, and even experience weightlessness in a 75 foot zero G roll. The ride will traverse a large part of Hard Rock Park, in places taking riders racing over the water. The designers also pushed the envelope by making the coaster as tall as the Federal Aviation Administration will allow in the country.

This unique experience, slated for April, will also allow riders to get a sneak-peek into what the Hard Rock Park will offer visitors, ahead of its June grand opening. The 50-acre rock 'n' roll theme park will feature individually themed music environments to cater to music fan's diverse tastes. All flavours of rock will be represented, from American to British, through the 70's to present day.

Along with Led Zeppelin - The Ride, Hard Rock Park will also boast four other roller coasters amidst a wide variety of other ride experiences, ranging from a full water park, bumper cars and racing games and many areas for the kids. A rock and roll park would not be complete without music, with Hard Rock Park featuring exactly that: a 10,000 seat amphitheatre which will showcase live daily shows and special concerts.

About Rock My World Children's Village: Working with hundreds of established charities from across America - Rock My World Children's Village will provide a once-in-a-lifetime cost-free experience for young people to visit "The World's First Rock 'n' Roll Theme Park" at the heart of "America's Beach Playground" where they can live, learn, play and grow within the Rock My World Village.

Designed to accommodate kids of all ages and backgrounds, Rock My World Children's Village will have facilities designed to cater to the needs of children with life-threatening illnesses, programs to help troubled kids who have lost their way or simply kids who have lost their loved ones. The Village will give them a helping hand towards a more fulfilling life by introducing them to the empowering energy of rock music and the rejuvenating pastimes of the surf, sun and sand.

Charity link:


About Hard Rock Park:

HRP Myrtle Beach Operations, LLC, is designing, developing, and constructing; and will own and operate Hard Rock Park, an approximately 140-acre rock n' roll theme park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina under a long term license agreement with Hard Rock International. HRP Myrtle Beach Operations LLC is a Partnership between the executive management team of Steven Goodwin, Felix Mussenden and Jon Binkowski, who designed and developed the park's concepts and will be responsible for building and operating the Park; FHTP, LLC, a group of prominent local investors and community leaders and a joint venture led by real estate developer Ziel Feldman and Amnon Bar-Tur, Managing Member of SafeHarbor Holding, LLC; from New York and Africa Israel Investment and Polar International Real Estate from Israel. For more information on Hard Rock Park, visit www.hardrockpark.com.

The Led Zeppelin - The Ride experience auction will be held online through Auctionwire and eBay. The auction will run from March 31st and conclude April 7th, with the winner to be announced April 8th. International bidders are welcome. To find out more, please visit bid now.


Auctionwire Inc

Amanda LeBlanc

Amanda @ auctionwire.com



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i just got this as an alert from jimmypage online, a bit late, april 4th...

Better than a lot late - like April 8th. :rolleyes:

By the way, the auctions were pulled from ebay late last night but are now slowly reappearing. Seems there was a communication breakdown between the promoter and the ebay people. The bidding will still be closing on Monday April 7th.

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The fact that there is an "amusement ride" named after the band is a joke in itself. What an embaressment. Who's idea was this anyway?

If I recall, Jimmy became involved in this project sometime early last year or the year before. He even named the damn thing "Led Zeppelin The Ride." Sounds like a Jimmy original, doesn't it? :rolleyes:

ps- I'm looking forward to riding it this summer, and I think it's cool that the United States has a permanent place for a Zeppelin experience, unlike the UK, where O2 took place in one evening.

About the Led Zeppelin - The Ride Roller Coaster:

Led Zeppelin – The Ride, named by Jimmy Page, features the Zeppelin smash-hit “Whole Lotta Love” which was selected for the ride by Jimmy himself. The bands hit will be pumped out on the coasters powerful 64 speakers, generating 1200 watts of music as the coaster hurtles the screaming rider down its ¾ mile long track at speeds hitting 65 mph.

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My initial reaction wasn't so positive either, but it actually looks pretty cool to me (max speed 64.3 MPH...)



First run:


Story of the coaster (at about 3:00 minutes in):


& the christening:


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