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The Love Child Game

Pb Derigable

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This is a very funny game to play. It takes awhile to do but it's really funny. I'm taking this idea from a local radio station.

So the game is, If two famous people had sex, what famous person would be their love child. It works best with same sex partners. Example

If Barrack Obama had sex with


Former NBA Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers


Their child would be


Chicago Cubs Reliever Carlos Marmol

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Today on Oprah, there is going to be the "first pregnant man." :blink::blink:

I'm thinkin'....transexual maybe?? But I have also heard that sometimes, though quite rare an egg is fertilized IN the abdomen.


yEP, a trans! :)

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I saw that on TV, it kind of freak me out at first because I really through it was a 'man' not a hermaphrodite. When I was a little kid I used to think that men gave birth to boy babies and women to girl babies. :lol:

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If Robert Plant


Had sex with Jimmy Page


They would have...


that scares me........................a lot

ever noticed how plant has blond hair and black eyebrows....i do too so my friends say since i have crazy hair and black eyebrows i must be robert's love child, lol.

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