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What's Everyone Listening To?


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Blind Willie Johnson - Praise God I'm Satisfied

Right now it's the excellent song, The rain don't fall on me, which was recorded in 1930. A great duet he did with his wife Angeline. Next up is Nobody's fault but mine from 1927.


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I've been listening to a lot of blues lately as I have transfered some of my LP's to digital format.

Among the albums are J.B. Lenoir Natural Man, Muddy Waters s/t, Little Walter Hate To See You Go.


Right now The Soundtrack Of Our Lives debut is spinning on my turntable. It's one hell of a debut album as it is a double LP, loaded with great songs.

Welcome to the infant freebase


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This sounds way better than it has any right to. I started out a huge Kasey fan with her debut album The Captain but slowly began to lose interest over the years. Believe you me, she is back in fine form with this one. Very solid and quite likely a late addition to my top ten this year.

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