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What's Everyone Listening To?


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Disc 1


Expanded edition, Disc 2 with some live Alice and outtakes from Billion Dollar Babies


Disc 1


Perhaps the Truckers' most solid and cohesive record yet. Yeah, it's a rarities collection but it works in spite of that. Patterson cites R.E.M.'s odds n' sods comp Dead Letter Office in the liner notes but quite honestly that one had more uneven spots than The Fine Print (which was the beauty of it). There's not a track I desire to skip at present and have had their cover of Warren Zevon's Play It All Night Long on repeat more than once since the record came out last week. The icing on the cake here would have been their version of Skynyrd's Every Mother's Son, otherwise I can't complain.



Expanded remastered version

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